Inquiry in Year 2 – Entry One

Today I went to school full of enthusiasm ready to commence my ILA unit with my Year 2 students.  We had great plans to complete a KWL chart, a Wordle of all the things that we already know about our local school community, and the first of the adapted student questionnaires.  Then the reality of the daily interruptions of a typical school day (6 absent kids, and the constant stream of kids in and out of the room for support programs) meant that today was not to be the day!!!!  Coming home I felt a little deflated, however decided to do some online search relating to the theoretical background for my project. Little did I know how close at hand inspiration was tonight.  I came across the following quote from which I feel signifies to me what my role as both a current classroom teacher and as a future teacher librarian should be.  This article also provides me with much food for thought in regards to both the practical and theoretical aspects of my chosen ILA environment, being an Early Years Classroom



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