Information Learning Activity Description

“XXXXXXXX Then and Now” is an information learning activity (ILA) designed for use in three, year two classes of 25 students. This unit was collaboratively planned with the teacher librarian, the school based curriculum teacher, and the 3 Year 2 classroom teachers. The unit was developed using the standards outlined in the new History Australian Curriculum framework. The content for this inquiry unit was developed to align with the Year 2 achievement standards. Specifically “by the end of Year 2, students analyse aspects of daily life to identify how some have changed over recent time while others have remained the same. They describe a site or of significance in the local community. Students using a range of terms related to time. They pose questions about the past and use sources provided (physical, visual, oral) to answer these questions. They compare objects from the past and present. Students develop a narrative about the past using a range of texts.”(ACARA, 2012)

Through the development of this unit it is envisaged that Year 2 students will be given opportunities to explore, recognise and appreciate the history of their local area by examining remains of the past and considering why they should be preserved.

The ILA will be implemented in the classroom over 11 weeks. Due to the fact that this is an early years curriculum unit, lessons will be conducted in 30 minute time slots over this time period. The aim of this unit of work is to provide students with opportunities to explore, recognise and appreciate the history of their local area by examining examples of the past and considering their significance and impact on the present day. Consideration has been given to the use of both primary and secondary information sources during the development of this inquiry unit. In particular primary sources include a number of guest speakers who had specific roles to play in the history of the school. Particular secondary sources include an excursion to a local history village, and the use of online sources to access photos of the past and present physical elements within the school community.
The students have been made aware of the specific inquiry process that they would be taking part in during the initial stages of the information learning unit of work. Inquiry questions presented to the students were:
• What aspects of the past can you see today? What do they tell us?
• What is the same and different about physical features of our school environment?
• What did XXXXXXXX look like in the past, and how has it changed over time?
• What remains of the past are important to the local school community? Why?
At the end of this unit of work it is expected that students will construct a digital poster using Microsoft Publisher, depicting changes in the school environment. This poster is to include then and now photos of aspects of the school environment. Students will be expected to identify what has changed and what has remained the same.

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