The information journey continues

After this week’s tutorial I went back to look at my blog, and was initially tempted to delete my post entitled “So what’s this thing called “guided inquiry””    It was clear from online discussions that some of the information I blogged about at the time of this particular posting was not in line with effective search strategies and analysis.  (in particular listing the number of hits for particular search strings.)  However after this initial reaction, I thought about it some more, and decided against deleting this post as I see this blog post as part of my information search journey.  I had never really stopped to look closely at how many posts particular search strings produced, nor had I compared searches within different databases.  So while it didn’t involve any information analysis as such, I still found it to be beneficial on my information gathering journey.  In saying this however, my next posting will see me using the same search strings, but from the perspective of information analysis.

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