Information Analysis Blog Entry Two-Video Capture

Please click on the following click for video of my information search.  Due to formatting issues I have only been able to provide a link to the video.

Dr Brian Hoepper Search

The above search while very specific, provided me with a information about:

  • my information learning activity context
  • current curriculum practice
  • development of the history curriculum area over time
  • pros and cons of current curriculum development

There are three particular search results that I was selected to use as part of my information gathering for my Information Learning Activity.

The first was the Queensland History Teachers Assocation Links.  This link provides practical online links about a broad range of historicaltopics for use by both teachers and students.  In particular the child’s play section of the Queensland State library which provides users with historical photographs.  This is particularly relevant to my context given that students will be looking closely at these types of sources when gaining information about past and present in the xxxx school environment.

The second hit which was particularly helpful in relation to my context was Who says you Can’t change history .  I have referred to this article in a previous post however decided to include it is this search post as it is proving to be quite significant in my ILA context.

The other significant finds during this search were references to the QSA curriculum and the Australian Curriculum Studies Association, reminding me of the journey that my teaching colleagues went on when we first developed this guided inquiry unit for your Year 2 classes.

Although I probably limited my search framework by sticking to Google and Google Scholar, through exploring some of the works of Dr Hoepper, I have been able to gain insight into both practical and theoretical aspects of my guided inquiry unit.  I hope to be able to discuss this understanding further in my information synthesis stage later in the semester.  In terms of developing my expert search strategies my next step is to refine my understanding of guided inquiry in the context of my unit of work, using a wider range of information databases.

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