Having a go at ProQuest and ERIC Databases

The above link outlines my searches using the Proquest and ERIC databases.  Unfortunately as noted by other readers of my blog there is a whistle in the background of my recording, which I was unable to rectify, despite numerous retakes.

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2 Responses to Having a go at ProQuest and ERIC Databases

  1. jacquilong says:


    I enjoyed watching you search for information. It gave me some ideas for search terms I can use, as my ILA is also history based. It is a pity about the whistle audio in the background.

    When I find a great piece of information I often try using the related search terms that accompany the information in the bibliography. I also find if the information I retrieved was useful to search through the reference/bibliography list of the relevant article and often I can find other relevant information/articles that way.

    I’m pleased to note that I am not the only one who retrieves a lot of unrelated articles when I search for history. It forces me to become more creative in my search term to try and eliminate results not related to the teaching of the history curriculum.

    You are right about the KISS method.All too often I notice students typing in some very wordy search terms and quickly becoming frustrated with the lack of relevant search results.

    An interesting tip I discovered the other day. I read that you should not type a question into the search field, rather try and predict what the answer might be and word the search term around the answer rather than the question.

  2. mandylupton says:

    Awesome feedback, Jacqui 🙂

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