Questionnaire 3

  1. Take some time to think about your topic. Now write down what you know about it.
  • The new History and Geography Curriculum documents outlined in the Australian Curriculum have a leadership role to play in helping teachers to implement effective inquiry based learning, and information literacy skill development.
  • Inquiry – developing an awareness of a number of different inquiry learning models, particularly those pertaining to early year’s concept.
  • As a history teacher, I need to look at the role of the teacher and the learner in an inquiry process.  The learner gaining control of their own learning as they progress through the inquiry process, and the teacher acting as the facilitator for this learning.  In order for this to occur, it is essential that as a future teacher librarian that I continue to develop my own understanding of inquiry in order to be able to assist teachers in developing units of work which will allow for this.
  • A growing understanding and awareness of a definition of both inquiry based learning and information literacy.  Information literacy being the skills to be able to locate, reflect upon and use information in a range of contexts for a particular purpose. These are the skills essential for digital natives, being students grappling with copious amounts of information in the 21stcentury.  These skills also involve the ability to think creatively and critically.
  • Inquiry based learning has the potential to provide students with learning opportunities which will assist them in being able to cope with the copious amount of information available to them.  Inquiry based learning involves questioning, reflecting, retrieving, and analysing information in order that learners will gain a deeper understanding of information.

2. How interested are you in this topic?

Not at all  not much  quite a bit   a great deal

3. How much do you know about this topic?

Nothing  not much  quite a bit   a great deal

4. When you do research, what do you generally find easy to do? Please list as many things as you like.

  • Searching QUT library databases- I have developed a greater awareness of the different databases relevant to my context (education), and this understanding has helped me to research more effectively for different purposes.
  • Identifying whether sources found are relevant through the use of skimming, summarising and taking notes.
  • Able to find relevant information once I had a clear understanding of what my focus was going to be for the semester.
  • Reflecting upon my teaching practice, using the information sources I have discovered this semester.

5.  When you do research, what do you generally find difficult to do? Please list as many things as you like.

  • Referencing, referencing, referencing!!!!!!  Why do I always leave it until last. I need to learn to collate as I go, and not just hyperlink
  • Keeping on track as I discover the amazing plethora of information available to me in relation to inquiry learning
  • Learning to become specific in terms of what I was searching for.
  • Keeping track of where I found my information sources.
  • Working out which inquiry model best suits a context (how do I know that I am selecting the most suitable model for my context)

6. What did you learn in doing this research project? Please list as many things as you like.

  • That as a teacher I need to ensure that information literacy skills, under an inquiry based model underpins all aspects of curriculum development and implementation.  That authentic learning tasks are more about the skills, than the content or context.
  • As part of my own Information Search Process, my progress is open ended, and using a model such as the Alberta Model I have been able to recognise what I have learnt, but that this learning is never ending, as I work back and forth through the process. That I could certainly relate to the feelings described in Kuhlthau’s ISP model, with  lots of peaks and troughs about my own ISP
  • That it is “normal” to feel  frustrated, confused or overwhelmed when exploring new topics.
  • That I now have new skills in being able to seek out information for a purpose, which will assist me in completing my final unit of study.
  • That my ISP journey is not over, and in order to enhance my teaching practice, both as a classroom teacher and a future librarian I need to continue to add to all the new knowledge and skills that I have learnt this semester
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