Reflecting on feedback in Blog Stage Two

As my final blog entry for this semester I am now taking the time to reflect on the written feedback which was provided to me by both peers and my lecturer for Information Learning Nexus.  This process, like with Blog Stage One, was both confronting, but extremely beneficial for learning.  I must be honest however and admit that I found receiving the feedback more beneficial than giving it.  This was probably mainly because I am still very uncomfortable critiquing other people’s work.

My peers, Jacqui and Sara provided me with both positive feedback, and feedback which then allowed me to go back and adapt my blog entries before my final submission for the semester.

Regarding some of the technical elements of my blog, their comments reminded me to check my hyperlinks.  I can’t presume that what I see on my screen is automatically what others will be able to access.  This feedback was crucial in terms of improving the technical standards of my blog posts.

In terms of the way in which I critically analyse my information learning activity it was interesting to note that Sara too felt that she needed to spend more time explaining inquiry process with the group of students she worked with.  I thought that it was a significant weakness within my own Information Learning Activity.  It was reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only one who felt like that about their unit of work.

Jacqui provided me with a couple of thought provoking questions.

  1. Did my unit of work allow my students to make connections to the real world?

I felt that providing my early years students with access to a variety of primary and secondary sources relating to their topic was extremely successful.   The use of photographs was particularly successful with my young learners.

  1. Were the students able to make conclusions from this?

The students demonstrated varied success in regards to being able to draw conclusions from the learning opportunities I provided.  In particular, from my analysis of data collected I was extremely disappointed that the students showed limited ability to be able to provide information beyond factual statements about the given topic.

One of the other significant things that Jacqui suggested to me related to grammatical issues.  In particular my habit of writing very long sentences.  This valuable feedback was timely and allowed me opportunity to go back and look more critically at my written work, before submitting it for marking.

The need to submit an oral presentation as part of my study this semester was both daunting, and stressful for me.  However the feedback for this assessment item provided me with both positive, and more significantly with crucial information regarding my digital footprint.  In particular that I had not been successful in de-identify my data collected over the course of the semester.  Regarding my digital footprint, although I initially only used first names,  any “interested” parent googling me would have been able to access information that they could easily associate with children that they know.   I instantly recognised my significant error thanks to that feedback, and de-identified my data as a result.  This particular feedback made me stop and think about the digital footprint that I was creating, and the impact this might have on others.

I found it difficult to be critical of my peers work however, tried to ensure that I provided a balance of both positive and areas for improvements.  My goal was to provide them with feedback that was worthwhile, and allowed them to view their own work from a different perspective.

Although I initially lacked confidence in giving and receiving feedback, as an external student, this was indeed an extremely beneficial and essential element of my study this semester.  Being external, unless I was required to provide feedback to my peers, I could always be a little removed from others.  It is essential however as a future teacher librarian that I continue to build and work with a network of peers if I am truly to experience deep learning in my context.

Thanks again to Sara, Jacqui and Mandy for both your feedback and providing me with some valuable learning experiences.

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